Jeremy Renner marries his baby mama in top secret wedding

Notoriously private actor Jeremy Renner is now a married man. The The Bourne Legacy star learned a thing or two from his role as black ops character Aaron Cross because he managed to tie the knot with girlfriend Sonni Pacheco, in a top secret ceremony, without the media’s knowledge.

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Renner revealed the news to Capitol File, when he referred to Pacheco as his wife.

I have tried to protect my family’s privacy, my wife’s privacy. I don’t need her to get hammered with my life,” Renner said.

And when asked if he is actually married, Renner replied with a simple, “Yes.”

While no further details are available on Renner’s wedding ceremony, he revealed that the news was kept a secret because he finds being followed annoying.

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“It’s annoying being followed when I’m with my family,” the Hurt Locker actor said. “It’s not just me — everyone [in Hollywood] has to deal with that. I’ve been talked about a whole lot, because the less I put out there, the less people know, and it makes it interesting, I assume.”

Renner, however, was happy to share other information about his private life and how much he is loving being a father to his daughter, Ava Berlin Renner, who was born in March 2013.

“It’s the best thing I have ever done — doing it later on in life. By then I achieved a lot of things that I wanted to achieve; I’m so blessed for that. Now I can really spend time with family. The only thing I think about when I’m not with my baby is, ‘How do I get to my baby?’ I need to get to her, and I’m very miserable when I don’t see her. I really love being a father,” he said.

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“The only that has changed is my perspective on things. I still work, probably even more. It used to be all for myself so I’m not old and broke. All these things I still do, but I do it now for the future of my baby, and if it gets in the way of her well-being, then I stop,” the Oscar nominee explained. “I can’t wait for her to get older, but I really enjoy her now. She’s the greatest. She’s into her sticker phase… As a father, I’m going to make it very difficult for her to find a man.”


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