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Ellen’s parody is the perfect answer to McConaughey’s annoying Lincoln ads

On Tuesday night, I took a rare couple of hours to watch TV, and the commercials were horrible. I mean, just not good. So I’m sitting there thinking, “See, this is why I don’t watch TV.” (Sure, I could DVR stuff, but I was in the mood to just mindlessly click out in front of Friends reruns.) Then this came on.
I’ll admit to probably being the only red-blooded American female who isn’t into Matthew McConaughey. When he first launched his career in the ’90s, Matt and I had kind of a thing. He was hot, had great hair and a Southern drawl. But as he became more famous, we sort of broke up.

All I could see when he was on-screen was a guy who might be taking himself a little too seriously, who had been told a few too many times how good-looking he is and who had absolutely no table manners. Seriously, have you ever paid attention to how McConaughey eats on camera? It’s a fright. And for whatever reason, directors keep having him eat on screen.

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When I saw this ad last night, I was irritated anew with McConaughey. The delivery is just a bit too dramatic for a guy who’s driving a car, and he comes across as being ultra-cool as he says he didn’t drive a Lincoln to be “cool or make a statement.” No s***. Does anyone drive a Lincoln to look cool or make a statement?

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I wasn’t sure a rant about McConaughey would be understood or well-received. But as it turns out, I didn’t have to write a long dissertation about how McConaughey needs to either come back to earth and chill out or disappear for a while. Ellen DeGeneres executed my point so much better than I ever could because she is the funniest person alive.

Is it possible Ellen shares my annoyance and that’s why she decided to parody the newest McConaughey Lincoln commercial? We’ll never know, and I don’t really care because her rendition of this car ad hits the bulls-eye in more ways than one. Watch.

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See what we mean? Ellen said, “Dude, you might be taking yourself a wee bit too seriously” way better than I ever could. I bow at the altar of her awesomeness.

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