Ready for Shondaland Thursdays? Not without our drinking game!

Shonda Rhimes’ cast and crew aren’t the only ones excited for Shondaland Thursdays. We can’t wait to get our drink on with our favorite television “people.”

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From the minute Meredith Grey graced our screens on Grey’s Anatomy, we made two new best friends: Meredith… and Shonda Rhimes. That didn’t change when Kate Walsh came along, stole McDreamy back and then lost him again. And when Addison moved to California, we followed her there. Everything Rhimes has touched has turned to gold, at least in our eyes.

From the girls of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, to Scandal and that get-it-done mentality of Olivia Pope, Rhimes knows how to write for, and about, real women. Sure, sometimes the drama is a little overkill. No other hospital has experienced as much drama as Seattle Grace and its various iterations. No woman wears as much white as Olivia. But our girls are strong girls with soft hearts. Sometimes they break, but they always repair themselves. It’s nice to finally have an “average” woman writing about “average” women.

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Now, Rhimes is at it again — this time with How to Get Away with Murder. Expect no lack of scandal and drama. Don’t be surprised by the sheer amount of sass. Will every twist and turn seem believable? No. Will there be a few characters that fall into those cliched television personality tropes? Yes, but it will be good. Edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting good. We’ll all love it… because Rhimes is at the helm.

What better way to celebrate Shondaland than to pour some Champagne and play along with our drinking game. (Click the image to take you to a printable version.) Drink up, but stay safe: McDreamy doesn’t work in your emergency room.

Shondaland drinking game

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