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Nicole Eggert reveals weight clause in Baywatch contract

It’s hard to believe that Baywatch premiered on television 25 years ago. The iconic red swimsuits and the launch of the Pamela Anderson craze were in full force while the show was in global syndication.

For former star, Nicole Eggert, the show “feels like a lifetime ago.” The actress spoke to about the series that made all of the women huge stars for running in slow motion on the beach.

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Eggert described what it was like to wear a bathing suit to work every day.

She said, “When I was hired I was too young to be an actual lifeguard on the show. I was a rookie, a lifeguard in training,” so she spent her first season in a black Speedo.

Once she graduated to the red bathing suit, all sorts of mishaps began. She laughed, “The red one, you have a lot more nip slips, it falls off the shoulder a lot easier! The training one is a Speedo, it was very secure. The red one could easily pop off.”

It isn’t easy wearing a bathing suit on camera in front of millions of people. In fact, the producers made sure the stars maintained their weight. They couldn’t lose or gain five pounds.

Eggert revealed, “There was a five-pound weight clause, but I think that for the most part everybody being in their bathing suit every day, all day… I don’t think it really became an issue. In fact, it got me to start working out.”

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The former Charles in Charge star also didn’t have to deal with cattiness on the set. After 44 episodes, Eggert exited the series. That’s when the fighting behind the scenes began.

“I hear about things getting really competitive and catty between the women later,” Eggert said. “We were all very different from each other and played such different roles, we weren’t competitive on-screen or off-screen. I think later when they had more of these voluptuous, beautiful lifeguards, I think things got a little catty.”

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