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6 On-air news fails that make us LOL, Charlo Greene included

Why is it so damn funny when a live news reporter flubs their lines or accidentally swears on camera? We don’t know, it just is. Charlo Greene’s “F*** it, I quit” clip is one of the best live local news blunders we’ve seen in recent history, but here are a few other contenders. (Warning: Parts of these clips are NSFW.)

Charlo Greene

Charlo Greene might be the most brilliant woman of the week. Her now infamous mic drop, where she says, “F*** it, I quit,” and walks off stage, embodies all of our “take this job and shove it” fantasies. The fun doesn’t stop there, however. The news anchor’s response might be the funniest part of this video. Her deer-in-the-headlights reaction is followed by her stammering, “All right, we apologize for that.” She then blurts out, “We’ll be right back,” which is quickly followed by “Meanwhile…” It’s obvious she has no idea what to do. Greene said she quit her job to dedicate her energy to fighting for legalizing marijuana. Note to self: If you want your message to go viral, stick it to the man on live TV.

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News station nobody likes

While this isn’t exactly a blooper, it is hilarious. Take a look at this promo for WGN9 Morning News, whose new tagline is, “The highest rated morning show that nobody f#@king likes.”

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Erykah Badu, what are you doing?

Who cares what this guy was saying? Erykah Badu totally makes this news report.

iPhone drop

September has been a good month for live news fails. When the first iPhone 6 was sold in Perth, Australia, a live news crew was there to watch the happy new owner drop it on the ground.

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Dan Stevens role in The Guest

When this British news host asks Dan Stevens if he had to “beat off a lot of American men” to get the part in The Guest, the giggles ensue.

News reporter ambushed

Watch reporter Danielle get ambushed by an affectionate demonstrator on live TV. Maybe she can cancel her online dating subscription now.

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