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Jessica Simpson is sexy wifey material (VIDEO)

Jessica Simpson’s life appears to be pretty perfect right now, and the newly married actress has revealed that she absolutely loves being a wife.

Simpson and her beau Eric Johnson had been together for years before they finally decided to head down the aisle and exchange their vows in July, and taking their relationship to that next step has really meant a lot for the The Dukes of Hazzard actress.

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“Being married, for me, it defines so much more than even having kids,” Simpson told Access Hollywood in a recent interview. “We still feel like we’re on a honeymoon.”

One thing is certain: She’s looking great physically after shedding her baby weight, but the real change in Simpson is her added confidence and the fact that she’s become so comfortable in her own skin.

“[Marriage] has actually changed my style,” Simpson revealed. “I’m really into slip-dresses and everything a little bit” — she gestures toward her body — “sexier.”

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“I feel sexier as a wife and a mom,” she added.

The family really do seem to be happy together, and Simpson also went on to reveal that their two children, daughter Maxwell and son Ace, are completely “obsessed” with their dad. She went on to joke that it’s because “he can lift both of them.”

However, the blond beauty confirmed her previous statement about not wanting anymore kids, saying, “I can’t say never but I would, I would think sitting here in front of you, I would say probably never again.” But maybe in the future her mind will change.

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Watch Jessica Simpson’s interview below.

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