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Taylor Swift made cookies for her fans

I have a terrible confession to make: I really, really don’t like Taylor Swift.

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But the sweet-as-suger pop star may have won over even my stone-cold heart with her most recent gesture: She actually baked cookies for some of her most adoring fans.

And that isn’t even all. The 35 handpicked Swifties were treated to a whole, Taylor-filled day at the “Shake It Off” singer’s Los Angeles home that included pizza, selfies and a super-secret listening party before Swift’s upcoming album, 1989, is officially released.

All of the day’s festivities were carefully chronicled on social media, especially Twitter and Tumblr, by the lucky fans. According to their posts, they had no idea what was about to happen before they met at a church for a security screening and were escorted to Swift’s house.

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Photos with the hashtag, #1989secretsessions, show devoted Swifties hugging and kissing the star, as well as holding her Grammys and her absolutely adorable new cat, Olivia Benson.

The posts say the fans who were there were allowed to share anything they wanted from the afternoon — photos and descriptions of everything that went down — with the exception of song titles and lyrics from the new album. They say Swift shared the backstory behind each track, including information about her relationship with Harry Styles, and then played the whole album from start to finish, even singing along and acting out some of the lyrics.

But the second-best part of the whole event — after Olivia Benson, of course — was the intermission halfway through the album, when T-Swift excused herself to the kitchen only to reemerge with a plate of fresh pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that she made herself.

It’s not the first time Swift has gone above and beyond for her fans — she’s also hosted a pizza party for Swifties at her New York apartment.

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All right, Taylor. This is pretty cool, even though I still wouldn’t call myself a fan. Unless you have one of those cookies leftover. Hit me up, girl.

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