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Is this Shia LaBeouf’s latest head-scratcher?

Shia LaBeouf might be most famous for his acting work, but he’s trying to make his mark in the art world. His latest project continues the theme of unusual performance art that definitely makes people wonder about LaBeouf’s sanity.

His first installation, #IAMSORRY, was in Los Angeles last February, where he sat in a silent room while visitors tried to provoke him to speak. The installment lasted five days and visitors lined up to see the actor sit in the room waiting for something to happen.

His latest work is going to take him across the pond to the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

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The project involves running and what LaBeouf’s calling the “#METAMARATHON.” The Transformers actor had been posting his workout routine using the Nike+ app on Twitter, so now it’s all making sense.

LaBeouf tweeted out the date of his event and the museum’s curator confirmed the news with an enthusiastic response.

For fans wondering what exactly will occur on that date, it certainly is unusual. According to the museum, the erratic actor “will #metamarathon walk around the building of the Stedelijk Museum” and “visitors are invited to join… running shoes are optional.”

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There’s no doubt his performance art date will be covered by the media, even though no one knows what to expect. However, LaBeouf educated his Twitter followers on his definition of the word “run,” accompanied by a photo of his colorful spandex running pants.

Get ready; it’s bound to be unusual.

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