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Kendall Jenner calls Kim Kardashian’s nude photos ’embarrassing’ (VIDEO)

Kendall Jenner’s mad at her big sister Kim, but this is more than just your average sibling squabble.


Of course it is. These are the Kardashians we are talking about, after all. They are so far from being average in every possible way. Except for the fact that sometimes, Kris Jenner reminds me of a character my mom might play on Saturday Night Live if she were given enough wine and the opportunity to do so. Anyway… Apparently aspiring model Kendall is peeved that Kim is causing a scene when she shows up at Kendall’s shows. Fine. Understandable. The little kid wants to fly on her own without being in her sister’s shadow. Cool

Less cool? Reportedly saying that she was “disgusted” by her sister’s mostly nude photo shoot for GQ. If my sister were famous and a did a nude photo shoot and a member of the press asked me about it, I’d be all, “She can get it! Go girl!” Then, in private, I’d be all, “Dude, do I really need to consider your vagina and butt on a billboard every morning when I am going to buy coffee? Barf.” The Kardashians’ greatest strength has always been their support of one another. This is something Kendall would do well to remember.

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