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Ariana Grande’s reported diva ‘tude makes life coach quit

Ariana Grande’s life coach allegedly quit due to her diva-like behavior and bigheaded attitude.

The singer’s life coach, who has mysteriously remained unnamed, supposedly walked out on her after he became fed up with her behavior, a source told Page Six. The coach, who was allegedly in charge of keeping Grande healthy and mentally sane, quit a while back because he was sick of her crap and demands.

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“He just couldn’t take it anymore,” the source said. “Everything people are saying about her is true.”

Rumors that Grande has an attitude problem the size of Texas have been uncontrollably expanding, with the latest report claiming she wished death upon her fans. When the “Problem” star had to escape a swarm of fans by running into an elevator, Grande apparently said, “I hope they all f***ing die.”

Other reports claim that Grande is impossible to work with and she makes all kinds of extreme diva demands from her staff.

“She’ll only be photographed from the left side, in a certain light,” the insider added. “She’s rude to her fans. She was so obsessed with her hair that she had it dyed every three days, and the big ponytail is fake. She acts like a child and constantly needs people to coddle her.”

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But, upon learning of all the negative reports against her, Grande took to Twitter to address the ugly rumors and defend herself.

“sooner of later ppl will realize that what u put out is what u get back,” she tweeted. “the lies/hate etc. give love & I promise life will treat u better.”

Another alleged source told Page Six that the nasty rumors are false and they were being spread by a disgruntled ex-employee who was a choreographer and not a life coach. The dancer was livid because he got fired and has been going around town giving incendiary information about Grande to make her look bad.

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