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Poor Sheldon! The Big Bang Theory Season 8 clip promises bumpy “ride

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 was pretty rough for Sheldon. Will Season 8 get better? Not immediately.

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Sheldon’s world has been sufficiently rocked. Last season saw the end of Sheldon’s obsession with string theory. The university, however, demanded he keep working. Add in Leonard’s engagement and news that he wants to move out, and Sheldon was basically a mess. His solution? Making a surprising and worrisome train trip across America to “live off the land” and clear his head.

So, where does The Big Bang Theory Season 8 pick up? It looks like we find Sheldon mid-trip. While the picture above shows Sheldon must have made it as far east as Chicago, the Season 8 premiere episode title and synopsis teases otherwise. “The Locomotion Interruption” send Leonard and Amy “on a trip to Arizona to pick up Sheldon.” And, in the new clip, Sheldon’s recounting of the last part of the trip seems to suggest a pretty terrible experience.

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It looks like Sheldon was robbed and possibly beaten up. But was it on his way home from his trip to Chicago? Or does Chicago happen later, after the ill-fated train trip? Most importantly, what kind of snide craziness does Sheldon unleash in order to propel someone to steal his pants? At the moment, we can only imagine, but hopefully we learn the answer.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8 will be a game changer for everyone involved. Not only do we have Penny and Leonard’s wedding to look forward to, but there’s also the impending move. Our vote for Leonard’s replacement as Sheldon’s roomie? Stuart, the depressed comic book store owner. He could certainly use a place to live after the fire at the comic book store and his place of residence. We also can’t wait to see how Stuart is faring as Mrs. Wolowitz’s nurse. The network synopsis suggests that they’re getting along better than Howie had hoped.

Find our for sure during the premiere on Monday at 8/7c.

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