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Lessons learned from On The Run: Beyoncé and Jay Z

Last night HBO debuted the concert special On the Run: Beyoncé and Jay Z, highlighting the Carters’ awesome performance in Paris as they concluded their tour just last week.

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We skipped our Saturday night plans and curled up on the couch with a soda, ready to watch the world’s favorite couple. Between the mutual affection between husband and wife and some some serious booty shaking, we had a hard time staying seated. If you haven’t seen it, you should. There’s a lot to learn, like…

Seriously. There’s no way Jay and Bey are divorcing

For 150 minutes in Paris (and again last night), Jay Z and Beyoncé flaunted their perfect union to the world. The show started with a sweet kiss and never simmered down. When the two weren’t on stage together, they were shown together on the massive screen set up behind the performers. The video that ran throughout the show was a montage of moments that often seemed to tell a Bonnie-and-Clyde-type story with Bey and Jay in the leads and, you know, on the run. But other moments also included wedding shots and tender moments with Blue Ivy.

Bey’s body is as perfect as ever

There has been a lot of talk lately about the booty and thighs of Queen Bey. Evidence seems to support that Beyoncé or someone on her social media team has been editing photos before sending them to Instagram. Beyoncé has always been known for being sexy while still working curves. Why edit those photos? No idea. But, considering Bey spent much of the night in nearly nothing and part of the performance with her butt hanging out, we can promise that Photoshopping is unnecessary. Our queen is still flawless.

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And she’s a decent role model

OK. If you’re not into cursing or scantily clad ladies, you’ll disagree, and that’s OK. But here’s what we love. Even when in Paris and in all the other places the couple went on tour, Beyoncé still made sure to incorporate that amazing TED Talk speech from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie about how women are raised to be wives and never to be too fierce, too independent or too successful. The song fits between “Bow Down” and “Flawless” on the new album, and Bey included the recording of the whole speech and had the words flashing across that enormous screen. Add in all the great, empowering moments in her lyrics, and we think it’s hard to deny Beyoncé’s impact on a girl’s self-confidence.

We’ve also realized that she’s a bit of a rebel, too. When Bey strutted across that stage in the black beanie with the gold spiked mohawk sticking out of the top, all we could think was that it was the perfect version of a crown for a wild queen’s head.

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Oh, Jay Z was there and pretty awesome, too

Mr. Carter rolled out all his greatest hits and kept the fans highly entertained. You know, during Beyoncé’s costume changes. Our favorite moment, though, was when they thanked each other for an awesome tour and Jay Z said, “It’s been an honor to share the stage with the woman I love, who I think is the greatest entertainer of our time.” Aw! What a loving hubby!

What was your favorite On the Run moment? Tell us below.

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