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Is the Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett scandal fake or not?

In one of the strangest stories of reality TV infidelity, Kendra Wilkinson’s husband, Hank Baskett, allegedly cheated on her with a transsexual model while she was eight months pregnant. Sounds like an outrageous fabrication generated for the tabloids, right? So, was it?

So, did he or didn’t he? Did Baskett not only cheat on his wife when she was in the final stages of pregnancy, but did he commit acts of adultery with a transsexual model? It sounds completely made up, doesn’t it? And we’ve watched Wilkinson on reality TV for years — we know what a hilarious wiseacre she can be. Did these two whip up the most outrageous scenario they could think of to land themselves another season of Kendra on Top?

Is Kendra Wilkinson back with her cheating husband?

You’d have to be nuts to do that, right? Even the most outrageous of fame-courters would be hesitant to throw themselves under the bus in such a scandalous way. Would Baskett really willingly become the villain who slept around on his pregnant wife with a transsexual model? Seems far-fetched, but the circumstantial evidence is mounting.

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The first scenario to stir public suspicion is a couples vacation that took place soon after the scandal broke last June. In early August, the couple was spotted on vacation in Costa Rica looking happy. An “insider” told Us Weekly that Baskett was only on the set because he was contractually obligated to be there and Wilkinson was looking happy only for the cameras. The two reportedly slept in different rooms during the shoot.

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OK, so we can probably dismiss the vacation as a contractual obligation. We have no concrete evidence that this reality TV couple whipped up a scandal to save their show. There remains, however, those pesky tweets by Wilkinson’s mother. When someone on Twitter asked if the whole cheating scandal was fake, Patti Wilkinson responded, “Starting to wonder myself. I really don’t know!” Keep in mind that Patti flew to Kendra’s side after the scandal broke, despite their publicly strained relationship. If anyone should know, it should be Kendra’s mother.

Once again, this doesn’t give us much to go on since this mother-daughter pair has had drama in the past. Momma Wilkinson may just be lashing out again. In mid-August, Patti tweeted, “Well I continue to be hurt & disrespected by my daughter. So please don’t mention her or ask me anything about her. Thanks!” While on the topic of social media, Kendra and Hank have not tweeted a word since late June, when the scandal broke. That is a bit suspicious, especially for reality TV celebrities.

Hmmm. Something is not quite right here. There are no smoking guns, but something seems off. What do you think? Now that we are reading headlines about how this couple has worked things out and is back together a mere three months later, are you suspicious that they were never broken up? What are your theories about what’s really going on behind the scenes?

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