Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal remember Robin Williams

Friends, family and fans are still dealing with Robin Williams’ death.

That was more than evident on Friday, when Billy Crystal appeared on The View and discussed the late, great comedian, who was also his dear friend.

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View co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who was also close to Williams, joined Crystal in remembering, nodding her head in agreement as Crystal spoke about his passing.

In fact, Goldberg even became emotional as Crystal recounted all of the wonderful qualities Williams possessed.

“He was such a great, dear friend of ours and such a joyous spirit, so when it all happened, it was so breathtaking,” Crystal recounted. Goldberg agreed, especially when Crystal spoke of the tweet he wrote when he discovered Williams had died, which read only, “No words.”

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“‘Cause I didn’t have any,” Crystal explained. “I just had pain.”

Goldberg and Crystal sat together on stage in a more intimate setting, despite the audience. It seemed to be a chance for them to connect and honor Williams together publicly. Crystal referred to Williams as “our buddy,” depicting the closeness the three shared.

Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg remember Robin Williams
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Following Williams’ death, Crystal paid homage to the actor during the Emmys and admitted, “It was one of the hardest, if not the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”

Crystal explained that because Williams was such a good friend, it was hard to find the right words, especially in front of so many people. “It was hard to craft it and make it humorous and personal… and sort of being a two-minute eulogy in front of the country.”

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Crystal, Goldberg and Williams were friends for about three decades. They famously raised more than $70 million for the homeless in America through Comic Relief.

“We started in 1986 and we became the closest of friends,” Crystal explained. “Robin and I just bonded in the quiet moments.”

Crystal said the best times were the times the three of them would bring checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars to the shelters.

Williams’ battle with depression ended in suicide on Aug. 11. He was 63. It was later revealed the actor had also been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

“He was such an amazing person,” Crystal said of Williams on The View. “He was the most brilliant performer you could ever imagine. His physical presence on stage was amazing. Many times, we’d be together on stage, the three of us, and Whoopi and I were like his parents. It just became so, sort of, magical to work with him, and it was just the greatest.”