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Keyshia Cole arrested for battery after Instagram rampage

Keyshia Cole had a not-so-pleasant kickoff to her weekend, spending Friday morning behind bars. From the looks of her Instagram account, trouble was brewing for a couple days prior to her arrest.

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Cole was taken in by authorities after police were called to the West Los Angeles penthouse condo of Birdman, CEO of Cash Money and Cole’s rumored boyfriend, according to TMZ. Sources say that Cole showed up at the condo around 5 a.m. and went ballistic upon finding another woman there. Instead of taking out her anger on Birdman, the singer allegedly assaulted the other woman and left scratches on her face.

Cole was arrested for battery and an outstanding reckless driving warrant.

The fact that Cole showed up unannounced to her boyfriend’s house at 5 a.m. is a clue that she was suspicious, and the songstress left some cryptic social media posts hinting that she knew Birdman could be up to no good.

The first post signaling unrest came on Wednesday, when Cole put up a quote about sadness.
On Thursday, Cole posted a photo that alluded to cheating and captioned it “!!!!Don’t want #MrWrong! !!!!!! Don’t come looking for !!!!!! me #MrRightnow !!!!!!I’ll wait on #MrDownForTheRestOfMyLife!!” Later that day, she posted another photo of a bird in the rain and a quote about weathering the storm. The caption simply reads “word.”
Cole was released the same day she was arrested on $46,000 bail, according to TMZ, but she wasn’t done with her Insta-venting. A little after noon, she posted a picture of herself at home with her dog and the caption “Me and my LolaMae!! She knows my heart.”
Shortly thereafter, she put up two more posts that seemed to be more directly aimed at Birdman and cheating accusations. One post is a quote that says “N***** be like ‘WTF I gotta lie for’ and still be lying,” captioned “Silly rabbit.” The other is another quote calling someone out for not being real, captioned “Fake. Just a fake.”
Our question is: why attack the woman? If Cole is in a relationship with Birdman, her problem should be with him, not the woman in question. This is not the first time Cole has lashed out at fellow females. In March of 2013, she threw some unprovoked Twitter barbs at Michelle Williams. That same month, she attempted to start a Twitter war with Williams’ Destiny Child bandmate Beyoncé Knowles.

That’s not to say we condone the other woman’s actions. It’s just that with all of the victimization of women that’s been going around lately, we need to stick together.

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