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Nicole Kidman says goodbye to her biggest fan: Her dad

Nicole Kidman’s eulogy for her father, Dr. Antony Kidman, was full of touching anecdotes, including how he helped his famous daughter through the toughest time in her life: Her divorce from megastar Tom Cruise.

The actress, who returned to her native Australia for the funeral services, revealed her dad was on a plane just hours after Cruise told her their marriage was over, and that he was her biggest source of support during those painful days.

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“‘Nic, it’s going to be OK,'” she said he told her. “‘It isn’t what it could’ve been, it isn’t what it should have been, it is what it is.'”

She continued, “I’m so lucky to be his daughter, and that he chose my mother to make me with. The only regret he’d have is that he’s not here to see his beautiful grandchildren grow up. And that he’s not here to take care of [his wife] Jay.”

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But she said everyone who gathered to honor him would take on that task. “It’s OK, Papa, we’re here to take care of her. I want to say to him, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll be able to take care of her… I love you, Papa!'”

Kidman added that her father is the person who taught her to be caring and generous. “He is the reason I can’t walk past someone on the street with their hands out without giving,” she said.

Antony Kidman died in Singapore last week during a visit with his other daughter.

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