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Aww alert! Ryan Gosling is “in love” with his baby girl

Hey, girl — get ready to “awwww.”

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A source tells People that Ryan Gosling, who recently welcomed his first baby — a girl! — with longtime girlfriend, Eva Mendes, couldn’t be happier being a brand-new daddy.

Ryan is madly in love with the baby,” the source said of an “infatuated” Gosling. And the same report says Mendes is equally stoked with mommyhood.

And who can blame the proud new parents? They’re probably the best-looking couple on the planet. We haven’t even seen that baby yet and we already love her, because (duh) who wouldn’t?

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According to the same source, Gosling and Mendes have a little help doting on their new bundle of joy: Grandmas Gosling and Mendes have been hanging around to lend a hand with the spoiling.

“Ryan’s mom and Eva’s mom have both been helping,” the source said. “They have both been great. The grandmothers are both very excited and both very hands-on — as much as they can be.”

Gosling and Mendes have been incredibly secretive about their entrance into parenthood — even when she was concealing a super-obviously pregnant belly in paparazzi photos, Mendes denied rumors that she was expecting. Good for them for keeping their private life private, but how bad do we want to see pics of the new addition? Pretty darn bad. If only they would break their silence long enough for an Instagram? A tweet? Anything, Gos. We’re dying to see her.

We’ll keep waiting patiently, though, and let the happy couple have their alone time with baby Gos, because it sounds like they’re absolutely loving it.

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Mendes is “absolutely in heaven being a mom. She’s never been happier,” a source told People soon after the announcement of the new arrival. “She and Ryan are just in awe of this beautiful person they created. It’s a really special time for them.”

Congratulations, Ryan and Eva! But, seriously. Pics or it didn’t happen, k?

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