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Matthew McConaughey is hanging up his G-string

Bad news for anyone who’s a fan of Matthew McConaughey’s moves. The actor has opted out of reprising his Magic Mike role in the sequel, due out next year.

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Magic Mike XXL director, Gregory Jacobs, confirmed to Indiewire Wednesday that McConaughey said no to a comeback as Dallas, owner of the Florida strip club in the first Magic Mike, which starred Channing Tatum (Mike), Matt Bomer (Ken), Joe Manganiello (Big Dick Richie) and Alex Pettyfer (Adam).

And now for the good news.

McConaughey may be out, but CBS reports that Tatum, Bomer and Manganiello will be back and that there’s still a chance Pettyfer will get on board.

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Magic Mike became a huge box office hit in 2012. It was co-written by Tatum and was loosely based on his own experiences working as a stripper before hitting it big in Hollywood. He’s helping write the sequel, too, which will reportedly be about a huge male stripper competition. Expect to see some skin, as if that’s a surprise.

“It’s road trip movie,” director, Jacobs, said in the interview. “It’s different enough that once you see it you’ll understand why we made a sequel. No one will be accusing us of making the same movie twice.”

But will the movie have the same appeal without McConaughey? That remains to be seen. Dallas was definitely a star of the original film and, despite his, shall we say, maturity compared to his co-stars, McConaughey proved he can hang with the youngest and hottest in Hollywood in a G-string and a bow tie.

Magic Mike XXL started shooting this month and is set to hit theaters July 1, 2015.

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What do you think? Will Magic Mike XXL fall short without McConaughey? Or will the show go on, even sans Dallas? Tell us in the comments.

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