The Walking Dead‘s Sonequa Martin-Green is pregnant: Is Sasha expecting, too?

Big congrats to The Walking Dead star, Sonequa Martin-Green, on her upcoming bundle of joy! We have one question: Sooo… how will this work for the show?

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We have a few speculations on what Martin-Green’s pregnancy could mean for her current gig on The Walking Dead. Sasha fans may not like all of our guesses, but let’s explore!

Ignore the pregnancy

The Walking Dead cast is already filming Season 5 and, considering they had enough footage to put together a promo to release in July at Comic-Con, it’s safe to assume they’re almost done. Martin-Green could, potentially, have already given birth before they begin filming for Season 6. If she’s not quite ready to return to work, they could also leave her out of the story line for a few/all episodes. It wouldn’t be the first time someone set out on an adventure and didn’t appear on the show for a while.

Explore the pregnancy

Towards the end of Season 4, Martin-Green’s character, Sasha, shared a sweet moment where Bob kissed her. There is now a whole season ahead of them for the show to explore and develop their relationship before Martin-Green would begin to show. They could easily incorporate her pregnancy into the show.

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Would it be a walker baby? We already know what happens when a baby is born alive, but with the virus:  They’re just normal babies. But, what happens if a virus-exposed baby dies (in or out of the womb)? That’s not an uncommon plot point in other zombie stories. Could make for some interesting, albeit darker-than-ever, television.

Kill her off

Don’t shoot the messenger! Here’s the thing: Either for contractual reasons or simply because maybe Martin-Green doesn’t want to carry her child in the crazy, violent environment on the set of The Walking Dead, Martin-Green could be on her way out. As recent as August, fans reported seeing her and Norman Reedus on the roof of an old hospital during filming. So, we’re probably wrong on this. However, we don’t think it’s out of the question. It’s not as if people never die on the show.

Wherever the plotline falls for Sasha, we couldn’t be more excited for Martin-Green and her hubby, Kenric Green. All the best!

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