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Aubrey Plaza takes lead in Grumpy Cat film

The grumpiest cat ever seen on the internet is climbing right on up that fame ladder.

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A Grumpy Cat movie is coming and it’s been announced that Aubrey Plaza will voice the famous feline.

Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, exploded to internet fame due to a disorder called feline dwarfism that forced her face into a permanent, adorable little cat frown. Spend about 10 seconds on the internet and you’re bound to see a Grumpy Cat meme. The deformed feline’s Facebook page has millions of likes and Grumpy cat has appeared on the covers of both the Wall Street Journal and New York Magazine.

Naturally, she is a star bound for the silver screen. Or, at least, the made-for-TV screen, because that’s where her film will air.

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The network usually reserved for raunchy biopics and movies about illicit student-teacher love affairs or seventh graders with STDs, Lifetime, will premiere the flick in late November. MTV reports it’ll be Christmas themed and Plaza will lend her voice to Grumpy Cat, who, in the movie, is a sad pet store cat who can communicate with one special human, a 12-year-old named Chrystal.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Plaza landed the role after it was turned down by Glee‘s resident grump, Jane Lynch.

Sources told the Hollywood Reporter that Lynch was set to get a nice, big paycheck for doing the film, but that she backed out of the job after receiving an Emmy for Outstanding Reality Host for Hollywood Game Night. Come on, Jane, who wouldn’t want to do voice-overs for a cat whose claim to fame is a birth defect?

If her Twitter account is any indication, Plaza is already getting into the role. She posted a meme Wednesday that shows Grumpy Cat squashing some poor kitten’s dreams of Santa, because what else?

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