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Cher’s choreographer alleges she favors white, blond dancers

At age 68, Cher is still rock and rollin’ on her 2014 Dressed to Kill tour, but allegations have surfaced that might stop the songstress dead in her tracks. However, the claims are so shocking that we’re left wondering if they have any merit.

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A lawsuit has been filed against Cher by her former choreographer, Kevin Wilson, and he’s suing for both racial discrimination and retaliation, according to TMZ.

The racial discrimination aspect from the suit stems from alleged comments made by Cher during the dancer-casting process for the current tour. Wilson says when he came to Cher with a dancer who he felt was particularly talented, he was rebuffed and told, “We have too much color on the stage.” Wilson says he was then instructed to find a white, blond dancer and ordered “not to cast anymore dark skinned black dancers on the tour.”

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Wilson is also alleging retaliation, saying he was fired after he spoke out against another male dancer on the tour who was accused of being sexually aggressive with a female fan in his hotel room after a show. According to Wilson, the male dancer was kept in the show, but Wilson and two other dancers who reported the incident were fired.

Wilson’s lawyer, Perry Wander, says his client was told the layoff was due to supposed budget cuts when the tour was grossing $54.9 million.

Cher’s camp is actively denying the accusations. “These are ridiculous allegations. They couldn’t be further from the truth,” a rep told TMZ, adding that the racial statements are especially ridiculous. “To attribute such a statement to Cher is absurd,” the rep said.

The statements that Wilson claims were made by Cher are awful, but do we really buy his claims? Cher seems like a reasonably intelligent woman and we would like to think that she isn’t racist. However, even if she was racist, would she really think that she could say the things being alleged and get away with it? That kind of archaic thought doesn’t fly these days and not many people will stand for such abhorrent behavior.

Cher’s become an amazing gay icon and has worked so hard to mend her relationship with transgender son, Chaz Bono. It’s pretty devastating to think that she would discriminate against her employees for being different than her and that she would make such small-minded comments.

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It could be possible that Wilson was truly fired due to budget cuts and he’s launched a little retaliation of his own.

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