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Too soon! Meghan Trainor’s “Shake It Off” cover is sweet, but we’re not ready

“All About That Bass” singer, Meghan Trainor, tackled the ultimate cover recently when she grabbed a uke and sang “Shake It Off.” But, did Trainor do Taylor Swift justice? We’re not sure…

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No one can deny Trainor’s pretty and unique voice. Her “All About That Bass” showcases her nostalgic sound and reggae influences perfectly. But, when she stopped by an Australian radio station and covered Swift’s new hit single, “Shake It Off,” we think she fell just shy of brilliance.

We have mixed feelings about the cover. Her voice is flawless. Honestly, Trainor is more capable of staying on key in a live performance than Swift. Every note is flawless. Trainor’s voice adds a certain level of sweetness that was missing prior. However, we’re not sure “sweet” was where the song was meant to land. Which brings us to the real issue with her cover: the arrangement. While we love Trainor’s style and always appreciate the addition of a ukulele, she really slowed down the song. Swift’s version is speedy and upbeat. It feels like a real triumph over the haters, players, fakers and heartbreakers. In Trainor’s version, it feels more like she’s still trying to convince herself that she can shake it off.

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We do, however, like her bridge/breakdown better. Swift’s tone comes off a little too… awkward for a skinny white girl from Tennessee. Somehow, Trainor’s smoother, less aggressive flow feels just right. We especially love her lyrical change-up, singing, “Come on, don’t let ’em get to ya/Go ahead and dance like there ain’t nobody watchin’ ya/Shake like your Polaroid picture.”

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Swift must feel pretty loved right now. Though, we’re not sure BFF status is in the future for Trainor. After spending its first two weeks at the top of the charts, Meghan recently bumped “Shake It Off” from the top with this summer’s non-stop chorus of “All About That Bass.”

Swift’s “Shake It Off” is sassy and fun, but Trainor’s is sweet and mellow. Which version do you like better? Tell us in the comments below!

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