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8 Things in the Ouija movie trailer we can’t unsee

Holy creepers! The intensely frightening movie trailer for Ouija has us wondering if we should burn that spirit board sitting in our game closet. Take a look at these creepy moments, if you dare…

1. Girl hanging from the light fixture

At 20 seconds in, just after Debbie (Shelley Hennig of Teen Wolf) looks through the clear glass circle at the center of the Ouija board’s planchette, she sees this frightening image. Is a spirit trying to scare her? Is it a prophecy of her own death? This is what we’re going to be wondering as we lie awake all night.

2. Creepy Victorian lady with ghost-man lusting after her

A brief flash of an old black and white image appears 46 seconds in. Who is this old lady and why is there a hazy man looking at her? What does he want from her and what do they have to do with young Debbie? To us, it suggests these two are the ghosts haunting Debbie’s house.

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3. Dental floss nightmare

While we doubt most people stare at themselves in the mirror while flossing their teeth, this trailer tells us never to do so after using a Ouija board. Yikes!

4. Creepy, bloody baby-doll

OK, so eerie dolls in horror movies are pretty cliché, but why is this one bloody? We think we see the ghost of a young girl who’s carrying the doll down the stairs, leaving the bloody marks on the wall. A second later, the camera zooms in on the frightening doll. Clearly, someone in the story had a very bad childhood.

5. Scary, screaming lady

Elaine (Olivia Cooke), just has to look through the hole on the planchette. She sees a woman, wearing a broach on her dress, screaming in terror. Is this woman supposed to be a younger version of the Victorian woman in the black and white photo?

6. Homage to The Exorcist

We’ll never forget when Linda Blair’s head turned 360 degrees in 1973’s The Exorcist. In Ouija, one of the character’s hands does its own full-circle spin while still remaining on its wrist.

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7. Woman with black, soul-less eyes

We see a woman whose eyeballs are entirely black and she looks similar to the Victorian woman in the black and white photo, but the shot is so quick, we can’t tell if it’s supposed to be the same person.

8. Sarah’s eyes roll to the back of her head

Sarah (Ana Coto), says to her friends, “It’s not even real. It’s just a game,” before her eyeballs float backwards, exposing just the white part of her ocular orbs. It’s the final haunting image we can’t unsee.

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Ouija opens in theaters Oct. 24.

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