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Is Kendra Wilkinson back together with her cheating husband?

Well, we didn’t see this one coming. After flushing her wedding ring down the toilet, it looks as though Kendra Wilkinson has had a change of heart about her estranged husband.

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If recent reports are true, then the former Playboy model is no longer meeting with divorce lawyers. She has instead decided to rekindle her romance with her cheating husband Hank Baskett and is giving their marriage another shot.

According to an insider at Life & Style magazine, the couple is “100 percent together,” although the reason seems a little absurd.

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The news that the couple has reconciled may come as a surprise to many because it was not long ago that Wilkinson and Baskett’s marriage meltdown was strewn across the headlines.

Reports surfaced that Baskett had cheated on his wife with transsexual model Ava London. However, according to Life & Style magazine, Baskett has now managed to convince Wilkinson that nothing actually happened between him and London.

Baskett has claimed he was only at London’s house because one of his friends live in the same housing complex as her. According to the publication, “the former NFL player claims Ava made unwanted advances toward him — and that he felt violated afterward.”

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A source also revealed to the mag that “the story is totally absurd” and that they are surprised Wilkinson believed it at all. Apparently, the Kendra on Top star’s friends see right through the absurd tale about the affair, yet she doesn’t, which is not like her.

“Something isn’t right with her, it’s really worrisome,” the source added.

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