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The Mysteries of Laura review: Some people might like it

NBC’s new series The Mysteries of Laura has been getting bad reviews left and right, but we found some things to actually like about it. Hint: Debra Messing.

I did my best to stay away from any reviews of this show before watching the pilot myself, but they were hard to miss when so many people were able to watch the first episode early. For days now, I’ve been seeing titles of reviews in my Twitter and Facebook feeds and it seems that all of them were saying how terrible it was.

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So as I sat down to watch it, I did so with a heavy heart. When I first heard that Debra Messing (who I adored on Will & Grace) had a new series out, I couldn’t wait to see it. But suddenly I was expecting my entire evening to be ruined.

I guess sometimes it does pay to hear bad reviews of a show before you actually see it. Even though I didn’t read one review (not even those written by close friends of mine), I had a strong impression of this show: It sucked. The problem with having such influence is that it builds up something in your mind. You ever heard of something being “not as good as the hype?”

Well, I think The Mysteries of Laura isn’t as bad as the trash talk.

Does it have some issues? Sure. But it also had some good points, too. As much as I thought I would dislike it, I found myself giggling and enjoying many scenes. Perhaps it’s because I’m a huge Debra Messing fan, but I really liked Laura. She’s the kind of person that I feel like I would be friends with if I knew her in real life. Her life is screwed up, but she does her best to persevere and makes the best of every disaster. In some ways, she reminded me of Grace Adler, except with two boys and a gun.

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What I liked:

Laura singing “I Am the Warrior” to herself in the car. I mean who hasn’t done that?

The Clue-themed split-screen that happened after the murder at the mansion. That was fun.

Laura finding a preschool teacher who illegally parks in handicapped zones and using it as a way to get her sons into school.

Two words: Pee-pee sword fight.

Laura getting into that water in the club. I know I would have done the same thing.

What I didn’t like:

The incessant Target references.

There’s such a thing as too much of a good thing and in this show there was just too much of everything: Comedy, drama, action, mystery. The show needs to narrow down the list and concentrate on just one or two of those things at a time.

The kids. Sorry, I love children but those boys were nightmares. I would be friends with Laura, but I’d never let her little monsters into my house.

The ending. I mean come on, the murderer was her own captain? I’ve already seen that trick a few times before.

Overall thoughts:

There’s enough good stuff in this show to keep me watching so that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to do another review after Episode 3 so stay tuned to see if I think it gets better or worse after a couple of more episodes.

What did you think of The Mysteries of Laura? Will you keep watching the new series?

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