PHOTOS: 7th Heaven family reunites for home-cooked meal

Sep 17, 2014 at 9:41 p.m. ET
Image: The CW

The 7th Heaven cast reunited last night for the first time in eight years and we couldn't imagine a better way for them to celebrate being back together than with a wholesome, home-cooked meal, of course.

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Stephen Collins, who played the Reverend Eric Camden on the show (aka the dad), shared the reunion photo on Twitter.


In the photo, the actors are gathered around a table. It looks like it's an after-dinner shot, since most of the plates are cleared. It's unknown whose house the group was gathered at, but it definitely looks like a place the Camdens would have fit in nicely.

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The cast was nearly complete with Collins, Barry Watson, Jessica Biel, David Gallagher, Catherine Hicks and Beverley Mitchell all in attendance. The only member of the original Camden family who is missing from the photo is Mackenzie Rosman, who played the youngest daughter, Ruthie.


Sadly, when a fan on Twitter asked about dog, Happy, Collins graciously explained that he had gone to doggy heaven.

The show, after all, started in 1996, which is 18 years ago if you can believe it! 7th Heaven ran on The WB and The CW until 2007 and produced 243 episodes. No wonder the actors feel like they're all family. They had plenty of time to get close during those 11 years of filming.

7th Heaven was a family drama that followed the Camden family and covered such heavy issues as sexual harassment, alcoholism, vandalism and unexpected pregnancies.

Notable guest appearances included Ashlee Simpson, Haylie Duff, LeightonMeester, Lance Bass and Mila Kunis.

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