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Debra Messing: I will forever be Grace Adler

Debra Messing was once one of the most successful actresses on TV and since her show, Will & Grace, ended, she has been trying to find her voice again. Messing has starred in numerous shows in the eight years since the show ended, but none of those roles have struck a chord with her quite like Grace Adler.

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“I will forever be Grace Adler,” Messing told Matt Lauer Wednesday morning. “I am thrilled and proud that that is the case.”

Besides just being known as the wacky redhead, Messing said she is also proud of what the show accomplished — for gay rights and human rights. According to Us Weekly, she explained, “For us to have had that kind of impact, and for that character to be so beloved, it’s a wonderful thing.” She then opened up about her new role, saying, “Hopefully, fans of Grace will watch this and they’ll enjoy it as well.”

Messing also said she finds her latest character similar to Adler more and more.

“They both eat inappropriately,” she said, and they “both sing as if nobody’s watching,” she joked.

Since Smash ended, Messing was trying to decide whether she should return to TV. But she will be back this season, this time on the show, The Mysteries of Laura. Messing said it was a tough decision, but one she is happy she made.

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“It’s feast or famine,” she explained. “You’re either a full-time mom — which I love being — or you’re working 12 hours a day, every day. There’s no middle ground.

“For me, it’s always about the script and finding the right script is the thing that is the most challenging.”

The Mysteries of Laura premiered Sept. 17 and will air this season on Wednesdays on NBC.

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