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How could we forget these 9 life lessons 7th Heaven taught us?

The cast of 7th Heaven recently got together for a mini reunion, which made us ponder the lessons we learned from the show. And, of course, we had to give them to you in GIFs.

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Stephen Collins, who played the wise patriarch on the show, posted a photo on Twitter of the former cast mates getting together for dinner. The photo is adorable and shows everyone in a big group hug that will melt your heart.

On WhoSay, Beverley Mitchell shared the photo with her own heartwarming comment: “Something truly amazing happened last night and my heart is overflowing! Love these peeps more than I can ever explain! @JessicaBiel @StephenCollins @realbarrywatson David Gallagher, Catherine Hicks, we were just missing Mack!”

Aw, how sweet is that? The little reunion has got us all sentimental now, so we decided to take a look back at the show and some of the valuable lessons we learned from 7th Heaven.

1. Want to understand women? All you need to do is understand food.

7th Heaven - Food and Women GIF

GIF credit: 7th Heaven/

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2. Don’t like your kid’s haircut? Easy, just shave her head.

7th Heaven - Shave Head GIF

GIF credit: 7th Heaven/

3. Too many dirty dishes? Eat animal-style and share one bowl with your siblings.

7th Heaven - Dishes GIF

GIF credit: 7th Heaven/

4. What’s the worst thing in the world? Why, flipping the bird, of course.

7th Heaven - Middle Finger GIF

GIF credit: 7th Heaven/

5. Don’t like your parents? Easy, just trade them in for new ones.

7th Heaven - New Parents GIF

GIF credit: 7th Heaven/

6. Can’t get what you want? No problem, just use your sex appeal.

7th Heaven - Sexy GIF

GIF credit: 7th Heaven/

7. Want to get out of being punished? Too bad.

7th Heaven - Punishment GIF

GIF credit: 7th Heaven/

8. Depressed? Just trick your family into leaving and dance around in your underwear on Halloween.

7th Heaven - Halloween Underwear Dance GIF

GIF credit: 7th Heaven/

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9. What is life all about? Disappointment and failure.

7th Heaven - Disappointment and Failure GIF

GIF credit: 7th Heaven/

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