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Young cancer patient makes Miranda Lambert cry (VIDEO)

The song is already a tearjerker, but “Over You” became a more poignant tune when Miranda Lambert sang it to a young fan at a Corpus Christi, Texas, concert on Sept. 13. The ballad was originally written by Miranda’s husband, Blake Shelton, to honor his brother who passed away in a car accident in 1990.

The video shows the country musician clad in jeans and a sleeveless T-shirt. She sings the first part of the song to the audience. Miranda then moves to the right side of the stage where she is given flowers and a gift from a young fan.

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Then, Miranda reaches out to hold the small hand. That hand belonged to 7-year-old Brooke Hester, who is in a fight for her life. She has stage IV neuroblastoma cancer and has been battling it for the last four years.

Miranda makes eye contact with the little girl and she begins to break down. She cannot finish the emotional song, so she lets the audience finish the lyrics while she composes herself. The clip even shows the Grammy winner wiping away tears as the audience chimes in to help her out. talked to the little girl’s mother, Jessica Hester, who said, “I am so glad this was Brooke’s first real concert and even more astounded at the compassion that not only got her to the foot of that stage, but the absolute love and sincerity that Miranda clearly shared with my daughter.”

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It was a moment worth remembering for both mother and daughter. Jessica explained, “I remember Brooke kissed my cheek (as if I had any credit for the evening whatsoever) and said, ‘Mommy this is the best night ever!'”

The tickets were donated to the family, but Brooke was in a Michigan hospital only days before the concert. Luckily, her immune system was strong enough for the little girl to have her lifelong dream fulfilled.

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