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James Franco hosts Beetlejuice-meets-Batman dinner party, and it’s weirdly amazing (VIDEO)

James Franco is parodying some of our favorite films through a new partnership with AOL and the results are these hilarious mash-ups.

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Ever wonder what you’d get if you crossed The Dark Knight with Beetlejuice? We hadn’t either. But James Franco and a seriously creative team of filmmakers over at AOL Originals did.

Then they dressed up some actors as iconic Batman and Beetlejuice characters and filmed it.

It’s all part of their new series, Making a Scene with James Franco. The 10-episode comedy event (trust us, this is definitely an event) stars Franco recreating some of cinema’s most iconic moments — with a twist. The team spins a wheel of movies and scenes, mashing up whatever two the wheel lands on.

The results are seriously some of the strangest little shorts we’ve seen.

First, there’s Dirty Dancing Dogs, a mash-up of Dirty Dancing and Reservoir Dogs, which AOL describes as “a bloody, romantic blend” of the two original films. If you’re anything like us, you’ve watched Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey steam up Kellerman’s dance floor at least a hundred times and never imagined it like this.

The next episode in the series is called Here’s Jimmy, and features Franco walking in Jack Nicholson‘s creepy footsteps as he hacks down the door for romance.

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Franco follows up Here’s Jimmy with what is by far our favorite: BatJuice, a hilariously demented dinner party between Batman and Beetlejuice characters.

And if that wasn’t enough to make you fall in love with Franco’s weird sense of humor, the fourth installment of the series turns Taxi Driver into an unexpectedly silly silent film.

If you’re like us, you can’t wait to see what else Franco and company have up their creative sleeves. Fortunately, AOL will be airing six more episodes in their Making a Scene with James Franco series. When you visit the website, you will also be privy to various behind-the-scenes pics and other social media gems.

Well played, Franco, well played.

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