What is going on with Beyoncé's wonky thigh gap?

Sep 17, 2014 at 2:53 p.m. ET

What's that between your thighs, Beyoncé? Queen Bey shows yet more evidence that she's doing something fishy to her Instagram photos.

After igniting speculation of Photoshopping her Instagram images when weird distortions began showing up in her photos, Beyoncé posted a new picture that features a wonky warped area between her thighs.

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Beyoncé posted a picture of herself on a yacht for her 33rd birthday during a vacation with the family where she was seen descending a flight of stairs. She looked awesome in the shot, except that between her thighs there was a blatant distortion that showed a piece of stair going astray. When looking closely, the line of the stair directly in the middle of her legs is sloping down, unlike the rest of the straight stairs.



This type of distortion is a definite sign that the warped area of the photo was retouched by an application like Photoshop. Distortions like these have shown up in several of Bey's photos, which raised questions from fans as to what the heck the singer's doing to her pictures.

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Another obvious retouching hint was seen in a photo Beyoncé posted of herself playing golf in a bikini last April. In the shot there is a large gap between her thighs as she stands slightly hunched over while putting a ball. The gap became questionable after another shot she posted showed her legs curiously thicker in the thigh area. It appeared as if the superstar had instantly dropped 15 lbs.

Photo credit: Apega/WENN.com

Then, an additional altered-looking photo Beyoncé shared last month featured the "Irreplaceable" songstress sitting on an outdoor couch with a pillow over the top of her legs. The elephant in the room in that interesting shot was an iPhone and a wine glass on the table next to her, which oddly appeared to be getting sucked into a mini wormhole.

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Maybe Beyoncé should not be such a proponent of accepting oneself no matter the size if she's so ready to erase her own extra flab. Just a thought.