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Even Jessica Biel couldn’t save New Girl from a ratings slump

Jessica Biel made a surprise cameo in the New Girl Season 4 premiere. Her role was awesome, but it wasn’t enough to save the show from a huge ratings slump.

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Anyone else feel like it’s been a while since we’ve seen Biel in action? It was great to see her as Kat, a sexy scientist set on bagging the same hot best man that Jess (Zooey Deschanel) was hoping to take home. Jess and Kat were brilliant together. It was a cute, quirky side of Biel that doesn’t come out in her work very often. However, like all good New Girl fans, we want whatever Jess wants… so we wished for her to end up with the studly groomsman, despite what that meant for all our Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess feels. Of course, that didn’t happen. In another moment of pure awesomeness, Jess and Kat both ended up ditching the indecisive dude.

Even with that A-list celebrity cameo, though, New Girl still saw a major slip in viewers. Nielsen’s numbers put NBC, CBS and Spanish-language station Univision ahead of Fox, New Girl‘s home network. Making matters worse for Deschanel and pals, the Season 4 premiere was down 44 percent from last year’s premiere and down 33 percent from the finale. Ouch.

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It was a rough night in general for Fox, though, as The Mindy Project didn’t fare much better. Kaling’s Season 3 premiere dropped 32 percent from last year’s premiere. Is it possible less-addicted fans thought the show was over once Danny and Mindy hooked up? Seems unlikely.

Part of the new numbers might have something to do with the early premiere dates. While premiering in mid-September used to be normal, more and more shows tend to start later in the season now. We also didn’t notice that many promos for the season premieres, leaving us to wonder if Fox dug its own grave by slighting two of their most-loved series. Though we’d be remiss not to point out that Univision has continued its efforts to draw in more and younger viewers with new, modern series that appeal to a more youthful audience. As our country’s population continues to diversify further, we don’t expect this to be a fluke, but a regular occurrence. Look out, Fox… Univision is coming for you.

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