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Diane Keaton declares she has fallen in love with Amy Poehler

There are a lot of things that Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton is passionate about, but she seems to have found herself a brand-new passion, and it happens to be in the form of funny woman Amy Poehler.

On Tuesday (which happened to be the Parks and Recreation star’s 43rd birthday), Keaton took to Twitter to declare she has a major, major girl crush on her.

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“So I have something to say about a new discovery,” Keaton announced to her horde of followers. “I’ve fallen in love with Amy Poehler…”

And it took a total of five tweets for Keaton to get her message out there! The Something’s Gotta Give actress went on to explain how she is eternally in love with Poehler, how she can do no wrong and what a massive fan of Parks and Recreation she happens to be.

Keaton went on to say that Poehler makes a pretty impressive bride and that she has many outstanding attributes.

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We’re pretty sure this was one of the better birthday tributes Poehler has received, and at least Keaton remembered her birthday (or she just got lucky) because her BFF Tina Fey was likely to have forgotten all about her friend on her special day.

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I’m going to forget it like I do every year,” Fey joked to E! News about Poehler’s birthday. “But maybe this year, I’ll remember because you helped me,” she said, adding that she would get her “just boxes of cigarettes, like we’re in prison” as her present.

Oh, and do you have any recommendations for Keaton and her son Duke now that their Parks and Recreation viewing has come to an end?

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