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SNEAK PEEK: Who’s hunting Emily in Revenge Season 4?

ABC has just released a new trailer for the Revenge Season 4 premiere and it is simply delish.

The last season of Revenge ended with a cliff-hanger that put most cliff-hangers to shame. There were multiple deaths and one character was even committed against her will.

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Now that she’s locked up in a psychiatric ward, you’d think that Victoria’s story would be over. After three seasons, Emily finally got the chance to exact her biggest revenge on the woman she hated for so long.

But according to the latest trailer for the next season, it will soon be Victoria’s turn to get some payback of her own. It’s interesting that the woman who fans wanted to see punished for her crimes against Emily is now the one that they might just end up rooting for next season.

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Sure, Victoria was behind some of the heinous things that happened to Emily and her father, but she’s also been through some awful circumstances herself. Does she deserve to be chained to a bed in a hospital? Or should she be allowed to get Emily back for what she’s done to her and her family? That could end up being the big debate for the season.

No matter whose side you land on, the trailer will make you wish time would move faster so that you could watch the season premiere pronto. The video starts with a quick recap of the last three seasons, as described by Victoria. Then it starts flashing quick snippets of what’s to come in Season 4. Most of them fly by so fast you can barely understand what’s happening, but one snippet stands out in particular: Emily lying unconscious in front of some sort of burning structure.

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Revenge Season 4 premieres on Sunday, Sept. 28 at 10/9c on ABC. Check out the trailer below and see how many clues you can catch for what’s coming up.

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