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Sleepy Hollow‘s Lyndie Greenwood tells us why you’ll need wine for Season 2

Sleepy Hollow‘s Lyndie Greenwood chats exclusively with SheKnows about what’s coming up for Jenny in Season 2, reveals a real-life ghost story and talks about the biggest prankster on set.

Fox’s hit series based on the legend of Ichabod Crane ended on a high last season with an intense episode that left every main character in some sort of jeopardy. According to Greenwood, fans can expect things to get more intense from there.

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“The level of intensity is high,” Greenwood revealed, adding that fans might want to look at ways to keep themselves calm during the premiere. “They could use some wine for stress relief,” she said.

Greenwood plays Abbie’s sister Jenny, who we last saw having a terrible car accident at the hands of the Headless Horseman. Luckily, she does survive, and Greenwood promised that Abbie’s sister will have some good episodes this season, especially for those fans who want to know even more about Jenny and Abbie’s backstory.

“The first episode, for sure, is a really good one for Jenny,” Greenwood said. “And the one we’re shooting right now, [Episode 9], is going to be really awesome. Episode 9 is a big episode for the sisters and gives more of their backstory.”

In the first season, Greenwood got to play a scene that had always been on her wish list. “One of my favorite [scenes] was when Jenny was possessed. I always wanted to play possessed, so I kind of got to check that off my bucket list, it was really fun,” she said.

But if you thought that scene was great, Greenwood says there are more awesome Jenny scenes to come in Season 2. “There are some good scenes for Jenny this year. One of them is in the first episode, [which was] a lot of fun. And one is in Episode 5. It’s the only scene that Jenny has in that episode, but it’s a good one.”

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When viewers first met Jenny, she and Abbie were estranged, and it took a lot of time before the two of them could trust again. Their relationship may continue to be challenged, but they won’t be easily broken apart again.

“Finding that love again in that family is not something that either of them is going to let go of very easily,” Greenwood said about the sisters’ bond. “So I think it would take something extremely drastic to tear the sisters apart at this point. Of course, there will always be rivalries, and there will always be bickering, but from now on I think there’s just going to be a lot of love between the two.”

Sleepy Hollow is known for being extremely creepy and scary at times, but apparently the frights don’t just happen on camera. Greenwood and her co-star Katia Winter (who plays Katrina Crane on the series) are also roommates, and they’ve had to deal with a very spooky visitor in their home. “We may have a ghost,” Greenwood said. “We actually probably very much do have a ghost, a legitimate ghost in the house. Maybe it’s gone now. Or become more accustomed to us.”

How did they end up with a specter in their home? “Wilmington, I think is just a haunted place,” Greenwood said. “So we’re both on edge a little bit. We did a sage smudge and things seemed to be better.”

But even after the ghostly apparition stopped making itself known, Greenwood still had reason to fear being in her own home. “Katia likes to prank people,” Greenwood said. “She doesn’t really do it on set too often, but she scares the crap out of me at home all the time.”

Winter’s latest prank would keep anyone up all night. “The other night she took one of the heads of one of the statues that’s in here, and put it in my bed and didn’t tell me. I didn’t realize she was filming the whole thing, and I walked into my room and just screamed. You can hear her cackling [on the video], she’s so happy about it,” Greenwood said with a laugh.

Even the Headless Horseman himself isn’t above getting scared by one of Winter’s pranks. “She was in the van with Neal Jackson, who plays Abraham — or Headless before he was headless. She made this sort of snarling noise beside him. She can make the most horrific faces. She does these faces that are just demonic. It flustered him as well.”

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Believe it or not though, Winter isn’t the biggest jokester on set. Another co-star gets that reward. “Orlando is always just extremely funny. I would have to say he takes the cake that way,” Greenwood said.

And yet another co-star gets an honorable mention in the funny department. “You know who’s surprisingly funny and in a much more subdued, subtle way is Tom Mison. He’s got this dry, British wit and sometimes it takes you a minute to even realize he’s made a joke, and it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard.”

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 premieres Monday, Sept. 22, at 8/9c on Fox. And don’t forget to follow Sleepy Hollow and Greenwood on Twitter.

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