Shut up, Dad: Panic! At the Disco's "Bohemian Rhapsody" cover is awesome

Sep 15, 2014 at 10:28 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

During Panic! At the Disco's latest tour, the boys took on the arduous task of covering Queen's epic "Bohemian Rhapsody." Now that we've seen it for ourselves, these chicks right here think it was pure perfection.

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Old people. Pfft. What do they know?

We get it: Everything was better during your generation. We're sure there will come a time where some band will come along and cover Foo Fighters and all we'll be able to do is throw shade on the newbs. In this instance, though, everyone needs to shut up and give credit where credit is due. Maybe we just have low expectations after the Sons of Anarchy "Bohemian Rhapsody" cover from last week. That hurt. Bad. But, this cover is pretty amazing.

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Brendon Urie is Panic!'s lead vocalist, keyboard madman and the only dude who should ever be allowed to wear leather pants ever again. He's also the one belting out those window-shattering Freddie Mercury high notes in near perfection. No. He's not Freddie. There's that edge to Urie's voice that has been driving fans wild since 2004. But that's a good thing! Covering songs isn't the same as doing karaoke. Panic!'s version of the song is absolutely a tribute to their favorite band, Queen. But Urie's already somewhat-unique vocals help set them apart.


And dude knows how to work a stage, right? Things start timid, with Urie behind the keys and everyone in their proper places. But as the song gets going, it's almost as if Mercury has overtaken the singer's body. There's prancing. And there's gravity-defying back-bending when Urie lays it on for those long, powerful bellows.

For a crowd that probably never got the chance to see Mercury in person, Panic! At the Disco's cover is nearly perfect... and as close as they'll ever get. Don't hate on it and ruin it for everyone. Enjoy it for what it is: One band showing love to another band.

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