Supernatural made me wait 6 seasons to fall this hard for Demon Dean

Supernatural Season 10 may not have started yet, but I’m already crushing hard on Demon Dean. Here are eight reasons why I’m already in love.

I was having dinner with some friends about a week ago when the conversation turned to TV and which season premieres we are most excited to see. I didn’t hesitate when it came time for me to give my top pick, because I truly don’t think I’ve been this excited to see a Supernatural season premiere in years.

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Don’t get me wrong, I always look forward to the premiere day each season, but there’s just something about this season that has me practically salivating with anticipation. What is it about Season 10 that has me this riled up? Two words: Demon Dean. I’m already head over heels in love, despite the fact that we haven’t met him yet, and I’ve got reasons why.

1. I’ve been wishing for him since Season 3

Just like I said in my Season 9 finale review, Demon Dean is someone I have been hoping to meet ever since Season 3’s “Dream A Little Dream of Me.” Ever since we were given the hint that Dean could become a demon after he sacrificed his soul to save Sam, I wanted to see it happen. Especially after Dean got to speak to his demon side in that episode.

2. Jensen Ackles is going to rock this so hard

Another reason I’ve wanted to meet Demon Dean for so long is the knowledge that Jensen Ackles would kill it. I love Ackles as the Dean we’ve all come to know and love after all these seasons, but I’m also beside myself at the thought of him portraying what is basically going to be a new character in the same body. I see TV as a form of artwork and actors are part of the tapestry that makes it great, so the chance to see an actor do something so different is a real treat.

3. He’s a bad boy

Come on, who doesn’t love a bad boy, right? Dean Winchester has been known to be a bit naughty himself sometimes. But I’ll bet all of his transgressions put together won’t come close to what we’re about to see from Demon Dean. Is it wrong to be this excited to see Dean go all bad? Perhaps. But if this feeling is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

4. He likes to have fun

Have you seen the new preview video and promo photos? Demon Dean is into having a good time and I like that about him. It’s interesting that the last time we saw Dean turn into a real party animal was when he was facing death during Season 3. Talk about coming full circle.

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5. It’s finally time to meet a different Dean

To date, we’ve met at least a million different versions of Sam. OK, so maybe it’s not a million, but there have been a lot. But Dean, for the most part, has always been the same guy. So, I’m intrigued to see a different version of Dean.

6. He’s got a great sense of humor

The trailer for Season 10 wasn’t very long, but one thing I noticed was that Demon Dean seemed to be a funny guy. Sure, there was a lot of serious stuff in that preview, too, but any dude who gets up in front of a bar to sing some awful karaoke has got to have a pretty good sense of humor.

7. He will bring the angst level up to 11

OK, show of hands, people. Who else watches Supernatural for the copious amounts of angst and man pain it delivers on a weekly basis? Well, if you like angst, it looks like Demon Dean is the guy to bring it to you. From the preview, we know for sure that it’s not some unknown demon who has taken control of Dean, but Dean himself who is going to be doing some awful things. I’m guessing he’s going to say some things that the real Dean has been hiding deep inside for a long time. Dean’s demon side is undoubtedly going to leave Sam loaded with some extra angst as well, not to mention what all of this will do to Dean when he returns back to normal.

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8. He won’t be around forever

The final reason I have allowed myself to fall in love with Demon Dean is that I know he won’t be around forever. Something tells me he’s going to be around just long enough to cause a ton of trouble and make everything nice and complicated. Then, something will happen to snap Dean back to normal and we’ll all get to enjoy seeing him and Sam trying to come to terms with what happened.


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