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Another ’90s heartthrob joins the CSI: Cyber cast

OK, CSI: Cyber, you have our attention: Two ’90s heartthrobs and counting. It makes us wonder: Who else would make a good addition the cast?

If you think the latest CSI spinoff isn’t your kind of show, think again. The cast already includes James Van Der Beek and, now, CBS has just announced that they’ve added Luke Perry to the series in a guest role that could end up as a recurring one.

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CSI: Cyber stars Patricia Arquette in a role inspired by real-life cyber psychologist, Mary Aiken. Arquette plays Avery Ryan, the head of the cyber crime division of the FBI. Her unit is in charge of solving crimes that start out in the minds of criminals and end up playing out in both the online world and the real world.

According to TVLine, Perry will play Nick Dalton, a former FBI agent who was once set to head the cyber unit. But his plans changed after a falling out and, now, he holds the key to many of Ryan’s deep, dark secrets.

If you think Perry’s role sounds yummy, wait until your hear about Van Der Beek’s. He’s already on board as FBI agent, Elijah Mundo, described as a “savant when it comes to weaponry, vehicles and bombs” and a “self-proclaimed action junkie.” From that description, it sounds like there are some sweaty, shirtless scenes of Van Der Beek coming to CBS.

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Van Der Beek was, of course, Dawson on the ’90s hit, Dawson’s Creek, while Perry was Dylan on Beverly Hills, 90210. With two ’90s hotties in the cast, we have to wonder who else could end up on the show.

How about Perry’s 90210 co-stars, Ian Ziering and Jason Priestly, as techie bad guys who are nerds by day and diabolical bad guys by night? They could wear glasses and suits at their corporate computer jobs, then change to no glasses and jeans with tight T-shirts when they are doing their bad-boy crimes.

We can’t leave the 90210 ladies out. How about Tori Spelling and Tiffani Thiessen as wicked cyber criminals who lure unsuspecting businessmen into their cyber sex website to hack their identities and steal millions?

Or, since Spelling and Jennie Garth’s show, Mystery Girls, was just canceled by ABC Family, maybe they could join the CSI: Cyber cast as two members of the team who have wacky personalities, but are absolutely brilliant. Kind of like Abby on NCIS.

From Dawson’s Creek, it would be fun to see Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson maybe as a sweet, married couple who seem to be falsely accused of a cyber crime. That is, until their true plans are revealed and they are exposed as a secret set of criminals with a cool name like “The Cyber Twins.”

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Or how about Michelle Williams as Mundo’s ex-girlfriend, who is now dating a man connected to cyber crimes all over the country. We can almost taste the angst as Mundo tries to figure out how to tell his old flame that she’s dating a criminal.

There is no set release date for CSI: Cyber yet, though CBS is reportedly looking at premiering it mid-season.

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