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Zach Braff reveals his intense desire to be a dad

He’s funny, he’s talented and it’s not like we needed even more reasons to love Zach Braff, but here’s another: He can’t wait to be a dad.

The former Scrubs star revealed that working on his new film, Wish I Was Here, which he happened to direct, star in and co-write, made him have an even stronger desire to have children.

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These kids made me want children even sooner. I really enjoyed them so much. I’d like to be father like him [character Aidan Bloom],” he revealed to the Daily Mail about his young co-stars, Joey King, 15, and Pierce Gagnon, 9.

“They were extraordinary, so professional and just naturals. I think I found the two best kid actors in the country,” he gushed. “Joey King was hired by Sam Raimi, and she’s just blowing up and so I feel really lucky I got her. And Pierce was a savant, he was so good in Looper… that I hired him on the spot.”

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The actor went on to talk about his future kids, saying, “I think I’ll be a lot of fun and they’ll inspire me to go on lots of adventures.”

In the comedy-drama film, Braff stars as a struggling actor, father and husband who makes the decision to homeschool his two children while struggling to find his own identity.

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Speaking about the idea for the drama, in which he worked alongside his writer brother, Adam Braff, the actor explained that it was “a combination of mine and my brothers’ life, and the things that people in their 30s and 40s are talking about. Raising kids, their spirituality, how long can you go after your dream, and trying to make the most of being alive.”

While we look forward to the day that Braff becomes a dad offscreen, it may not be anytime soon, since he and his girlfriend of five years, Taylor Bagley, split earlier this year.

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