SPOILERS: Will The Originals Season 2 be one huge bloodbath

“New Orleans is a vicious place” and the only change we’ll see in Season 2 of The Originals is an increase in violence if the teaser trailer is any indication.

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The increase in violence will come from two places: Mikael and Esther (aka Mama and Papa Original) are returning to the show to wreak havoc on the city and hybrid, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), is pairing her hunger with her werewolf mood swings. Get ready for some hybrid-style whiplash, Elijah (Daniel Gillies). We’re guessing those mixed signals are going to be pretty brutal.

We’re not sure if the emotional battery is worse than the physical, though. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is starting the season with quite the suffering, thanks to the moonlight rings which are still sucking at his power. And the blood is running as Mikael saunters into reality with the help of Davina.

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Now that Elijah and Klaus’ alliance to one another was solidified with the help of baby Hope at the end of last season, it’s brothers versus father, according to actor, Sebastian Roché, who spoke with E! News. It’s unclear how Esther will play into the upcoming season, but she has to factor in there pretty significantly, since last season ended with some witchy words at her grave. She’ll most likely be bringing herself back in someone else’s body and trouble is sure to crop up from there.

As for the return of the other Originals, Kol and Finn, we’re keeping our fingers crossed. Kol has a nice little cameo in the teaser, which left us more than hopeful he’ll return. It better not be through flashbacks alone. That would be a downer, for sure. Instead, we’re thinking maybe Esther will use her witchy ways to reunite the Mikaelson clan.

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The violence will stay close to home this season, as Hayley is struggling now that Hope is off being raised by Aunt Rebekah.

“I was a mother. Now I’m a monster,” Hayley says, clearly upset, in the trailer. Elijah is worried about her savagery. There’s always trouble in that paradise, isn’t there?

“The warrior fights for what he believes in. The warrior fights for his family,” the ever-arrogant Klaus boasts. No doubt, he’s the warrior in the war he’s talking about. The question will be, now that his mission is to create a safe place for his baby, will we see Klaus’ motivations shift to less selfish ones? We aren’t holding our breath.

The Originals returns to The CW on Oct. 6.


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