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No koala is safe from Kim Kardashian’s selfie addiction

Kim Kardashian sought out an unsuspecting koala bear to pose with for another sexy shot, proving that not even the cute furry creatures are safe from her selfies.

While on a trip to Australia, Kardashian and husband Kanye West took their daughter North to the late Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo in Queensland. The reality maven saw this as another opportunity to add another sexy photo to her collection of neverending selfies.

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Standing with the adorable clueless creature, Kardashian posed by seductively looking at her phone camera, partially hiding her face behind the koala for a black-and-white shot.

The reality princess also said that she was very thankful that the zoo hosted them and she, West and Nori all walked away with “so many good memories.”

Additionally, Kardashian posted another shot on Instagram with the same koala, but this one was less sexy than cute, showing her holding the bear just like a baby.

The zoo also posted that shot on their Instagram with a message to the West family saying thanks “for coming to visit us for koala cuddles today.”

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Kardashian and her little daughter have been in Australia for West’s concert tour, where he’s been performing several concerts in Sydney and Melbourne. The rapper was able to take a break from the stage and hang out with his family for some off-time fun.

Apparently, things are going well for the famous family even after West had a hospital scare last week when he had to go to the ER for a bad migraine. When an MRI showed that things looked good in Mr. Yeezus’ head, he went on to perform onstage without any further issues.

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