Bill Murray gets down to "Turn Down for What" at a house party (VIDEO)

Sep 15, 2014 at 3:03 p.m. ET

You may have thought your birthday party this year was kind of epic, but we're pretty sure Marvin "Larry" Reynolds' was better.

After all, Reynolds — who lives just outside of Charleston, South Carolina — celebrated his birthday this weekend with none other than Bill Murray.

Once press-shy, Murray has become quite prolific at popping up and making unexpected cameos as of late. From crashing the bachelor party of a couple of Bostonians to handing out a biting (albeit hilarious) autograph at a high school football game, the iconic actor certainly makes an impression.

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So while it shouldn't come as any surprise that Murray accepted an invitation to attend a birthday party in a rural suburb of Charleston, well, it still does. There aren't many celebrities who'd make such a trip.

Murray first met Larry Reynolds earlier this year, and subsequently Reynolds' wife Julie — who clearly knows how to throw one hell of a party — extended the invitation for Murray to join in Larry's birthday celebration. A sweet gesture on their part, as the actor turns 64 this Sunday.

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Julie also enlisted the help of high-profile chef Brett McKee to cater the event. McKee, who cooked the partygoers a four-course meal, immortalized the memorable night via pictures and video, which he was kind enough to share with us.

Brett McKee and Bill Murray

Photo credit: All photos and video courtesy of Brett McKee

"It was an honor to be part of such a special night with my good friends Julie and Larry Reynolds," McKee, pictured here with Murray, told us. "And it was such a privilege to have Bill Murray show up, and realize that as human beings we are all just flesh and blood. We all just had a great time! No one was better than the other — it was just a night of fun food and friends."

Murray was obviously an impressively laid-back party guest.

Bill Murray at birthday party

He casually mingled with other guests, chatting over dinner.

Bill Murray at birthday party

He hugged people. And we're talking genuine, sincere, full-body hugs.

Bill Murray birthday party

He joined Larry in blowing out the candles on their birthday cakes.

Bill Murray at birthday party

He opened a few birthday gifts, naturally. But, perhaps most memorably, he danced.

Oh, did he dance. And we've gotta admit, Bill Murray's got moves, y'all.

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