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‘Apparently Kid’ from Ellen charms in Freshpet ad

There is good news for those of us who passed the weekend replaying the “Apparently Kid” clips from Ellen. The excited little redhead who became an internet celebrity after a local news interview is now charming us in a pet food commercial. Noah and puppies? It’s almost more than we can take.

Little Noah Ritter from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, became a viral sensation when he was interviewed by a local television station and used the word “apparently” repeatedly. He opened his hilarious comments with the line, “Apparently, I’ve never been on live television before.”

When 5-year-old Noah appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he said he was over the word “apparently,” but announcing that he’s never done something before has become his new trademark. He cozied up in the guest seat and told Ellen, “I’ve never been on a talk show before.”

Ellen DeGeneres gets a special guest, apparently >>

The geniuses at Freshpet hired Noah to do a commercial where they more or less cut him loose to say what he wants and play with puppies. Of course, Noah informs us, “Apparently, this is my first ever TV commercial.” We hate to see this little doll face become marketed and commercialized, but this commercial is too freakin’ cute for words, and apparently, we can’t get enough of Noah. Why is it when we watch him all we can see is him in 20 years doing stand-up comedy and ending up on Saturday Night Live?

Here’s Noah in his “first ever TV commercial.”

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