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A life-size statue is erected in memory of Amy Winehouse

On what would have been Amy Winehouse’s 31st birthday on Sunday, Sept. 14, the late star got a special tribute when a bronze statue made in her likeness was unveiled at the Stables Market in Camden, North London, England.

The “Love Is a Losing Game” hit maker’s parents Mitch and Janis Winehouse came out for the unveiling of the life-size statue and did not hold back on their emotions.

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It’s a day of incredibly mixed emotions. They don’t put statues up for people who are with us anymore so it reinforces the fact that physically she’s gone but spiritually she’ll never leave us,” Mitch said, according to the Guardian. “I feel sad, very, very sad. We shouldn’t be here but we are, this is the reality and we’ve just got to make the most of it. So this statue is part of making the most of it. Getting people to come here, spend some time with Amy and put a flower in her hair and remember her in a very positive way. That for me is wonderful.”

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“I’ll be coming to visit it all the time. It was difficult to see the sculpture at first but I’m getting used to it. It looks just beautiful,” he added.

Camden meant a lot to Amy Winehouse and her family, and it was in the neighborhood that she died in her apartment in 2011 at age 27 from accidental alcohol poisoning following her battle with drugs and alcohol for years.

According to the Guardian, Amy’s mother Janice also shared her thoughts on the statue, saying, “It’s just a wow, a definite wow. I am pleased with how the statue turned out because you can see that it’s Amy. It is soon but it was beyond our control — events overtook events but we’re very proud of it. Camden is Amy’s place, it’s where she belongs.”

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Mitch took to his Facebook page to share a picture of his daughter’s statue the day before it was unveiled, saying, “Now Amy will oversee the comings & goings of her home town forever.”

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