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Jimmy Kimmel starts a big fake trend at NYFW

To make things more interesting during New York Fashion Week, Jimmy Kimmel sent a crew over to interview unsuspecting fashionistas about invented designers and trends.

NYFW is full of designer- and fashion-savvy people who are ecstatic about the new trends coming out this fall. Some of these style gurus were riding so high on the vogue wave that they gave their opinions on the most remote of designers — even some who didn’t actually exist.

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Upon being asked about a “lesser-known designer” named Chandler Bing (Friends, anyone?), a self-professed style connoisseur didn’t skip a beat when he confidently answered, “Chandler Bing I have heard of.”

He went even further, saying, “I do follow… and it’s all about social media as well, so I really follow the brand as well.” Sure you do, buddy, sure you do. This fashion expert was also very much into Phil Robertson, who is just beyond his favorite and whose collections, he feels, are “legendary.”

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A very styling young man with a gold dangling headband said he went to see Teddy Ruxpin’s show. Yes, that would be the same esteemed ’80s teddy bear you may, or may not, have heard of.

A supposed Mexican newspaper reporter — who works on “reviews for fashion week in New York, Paris, London and Milan” — said he loved Betsy Ross (if you’re thinking the American Flag designer and seamstress, that’s the one). “The way he plays with the colors and the textures, and now that the trends are about lines and squares, about channels, I love that,” said the reporter. He also felt that one can never mix too many stars and stripes together.

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Another would-be couture authority said he just loved how refreshing Bartles & Jaymes’ styles were: “Very elegant, very stylish, definitely.” This well-informed maven also said he felt bad for Heidi Klum after she face-planted at the Alexander Wang show (except that she didn’t).

For more hysterical thoughts on nonexistent designers and stylists, watch the video clip below.

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