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Beyoncé took a private jet to London just to go to Topshop

What do you do when you’re Beyoncé and you have some time to kill before a performance? You go shopping, duh.

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Before totally killing it onstage (with special guest Nicki Minaj) during her On the Run tour stop in Paris, Queen Bey decided to hit up Topshop. The only problem, apparently, was that Beyoncé didn’t want to go to just any Topshop, or even the Topshop location nearest her vacation spot in the French Riviera. She wanted to go to the flagship store, which is located about 300 miles away in London.

And, since she’s Beyoncé and she does what she wants, she made it happen. With a private jet. Because of course.

After what was probably a super-quick, comfy, private flight to the UK, Yoncé walked into the store at Oxford Circus, which is basically like London’s version of Times Square, and did her thing while everyone appeared to freak out, according to Instagram (OK, I’d probably freak out too).

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And, just a few hours later, she was back in Paris to meet up with hubby Jay Z at the airport. No word yet on whether she bought anything during her quick shopping trip, or whether it’s something any of us already have so we can totally be twinning with Beyoncé.

However, while shopping at Topshop just like the rest of us is totally cool, Bey, don’t you think the private jet may have been overkill? Global warming is a thing, and after today, your carbon footprint must be, like, a size 5,402,343. Pretty sure Topshop doesn’t carry anything that big.

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What do you think? Is taking a private jet to another country just for a quick shopping trip totally living the dream or totally wasteful? Tell us your take in the comments.

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