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Watching old people recite lines from Fifty Shades should make us cringe, but it doesn’t

We don’t know the Fine Brothers, but this video they put together as part of their REACT series on YouTube has us LOL-ing all over the place.

Are you a Fifty Shades lover or a Fifty Shades hater? I guess it doesn’t matter, because whether you’re into S&M erotica or not, this video featuring a bunch of senior panelists watching and responding to the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is the best thing to happen to the hit franchise thus far.

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The video kicks off with each of the participating seniors watching the trailer. They haven’t been told what they’re about to see, and their reactions are priceless.

Elders react to Fifty Shades trailer
GIFs via YouTube

Right away, you know it’s going to be good when Pamela, a spunky-looking redhead, explains that the trailer she’s watching “looks like an attorney-based film.”

Oh, Pamela… such innocence! The expression on her face as Grey pushes Anastasia up against the elevator wall for some serious inter-office make-out time belies just how wrong her expectations were.

Then there’s Anne, another redheaded firecracker, who sums up her reaction to the intro of the trailer with a polite “I didn’t expect the interview to end like that.”

But perhaps one of our favorite elders in the video is the Hawaiian-shirt-clad Don who, upon hearing that Grey doesn’t “do” romance, is positively stymied. “‘I don’t do romance’?” echoes Don. “What kind of a guy are you?”

Exactly, Don. Exactly.

The fact that he follows this up by proclaiming he wouldn’t let Grey date his daughter makes us wish he were our grandpa.

An unimpressed Barbara, who seems to have little patience for this level of depravity, declares the film “not exactly for children” and explains that she’s “just not into movies that are all about the ‘S’ word.”

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Not all of the viewers are skeptical, though. Libby’s reaction to the steamy trailer is a satisfied arched eyebrow and an approving “Mmm” as she leans back in her chair.

Elders react to Fifty Shades trailer

After everyone has seen the trailer, the producers ask each participant a series of questions that yield more hilarious responses, including a pretty spot-on observation that movie’s main point seems to be to “just get her (Anastasia) in the dungeon and do stuff to her.”

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The video also features some of the best lines from Fifty Shades of Grey you never knew you wanted to hear come out of your grandma’s (or grandpa’s) mouth.

Elders react to Fifty Shades trailer

Elders react to Fifty Shades trailer

In reaction to the dialogue they were reading, Richard made the astute observation that they were reading about oral sex.

Elders react to Fifty Shades trailer

“I believe,” says Richard as he leans back, “the Italians call that fellatio.”

One of our favorite moments (and there are so many) is when Laura coquettishly asks, “You want me to read it out loud? OK.” Then she exclaims that she likes the dialogue. When the producers ask her why, she replies, “I guess I’m sexy and crazy.” Yes, Laura, you are!

Robert, who seems to be the shy one of the group, does manage to sum up Fifty Shades in one of the most succinct and down-to-earth descriptions of the project: “Wow. Whole lotta sex going on here.”

Elders react to Fifty Shades trailer

We’ve got to applaud the Fine Brothers for making our day with this hilarious and creative short film.

Watch the whole video below for even more amazing senior moments.

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