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PHOTO: Is Beyoncé hinting at a new baby with this sexy snap?

There has been so much bad press around Beyoncé and Jay Z’s relationship in recent months with rumors of a potential split that we may have overlooked the fact that a fourth member of the Carter family could potentially be on the way.

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While we are happy to see that there doesn’t appear to be any trouble in paradise for Beyoncé and Jay Z (given their PDA at the MTV VMAs and Jay Z’s birthday tribute to his wife), splitsville rumors can be distracting. And we have only just realized that Queen Bey could have been hinting at a new baby when she shared a very sexy snap on Instagram of herself wearing a shirt (and little else) with the number four on it and the word “Carter.”

There has been much speculation as to when the “If I Were a Boy” hit maker and her husband Jay Z, real name Shawn Carter, will be giving their adorable little girl, Blue Ivy, a sibling, and the pregnancy rumors have already been rife this year. But we know Bey is the master of secrets, so perhaps her snap is her way of implying that there’ll be a fourth member of the family coming soon?

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Fresh reports suggest that there are some signs pointing to the fact that Bey may be preggo. Why? Apparently she’s been covering up during her family trip to Corisca and she’s been spotted rubbing her belly on more than one occasion, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

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OK, so not to crush our hopes here, but Bey does have a strong connection to the number four because it’s the date of her birthday (Sept. 4) and she’s even named her fourth studio album 4, but in few months’ time, maybe the number four will mean something entirely different for the family.

Coincidence? Oh, we hope not.

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