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Little girl super-bummed president is not Beyoncé

Barack Obama surprised a group of students in a Washington, D.C., this week by dropping in on a 9/11 service project and crushed a little girl’s dreams in the process.

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It seems that a sixth grader named Madison got a visit from the president when she was hoping for the queen. The Queen Bee, that is.

Madison may have been disappointed with President Obama’s presence, but she sure wasn’t shy. According to the New York Daily News, Madison let the POTUS know that when her teacher hinted there would be special guest at the 9/11 event, she thought it was going to be Beyoncé. “I really wanted it to be,” said Madison. “But then I realized it was going to be you.” Ouch!

President Obama took the situation in stride and played it cool. “Malia and Sasha would feel the same way,” he said of his teenage daughters, smiling.

Michelle Obama quickly commiserated with Madison, saying, “I’d rather see Beyoncé.”

Hopefully the sting of Madison’s disappointment was hampered a little by Michelle Obama accompanying her husband. The First Lady is a bona fide celebrity in her own right lately. Earlier this year she made an appearance on the hit show Parks and Recreation, she’s danced on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show and she’s the subject of pop girl group Fifth Harmony’s song “BO$$.” Most recently, she was featured in a hilarious Funny or Die video spoofing the movie Divergent with Chloë Grace Moretz and Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey.

We’ve kinda got to agree with Madison on this one. Meeting the president is pretty high up there on the bucket list, but hanging out with Beyoncé would be the ultimate.

But wait! Doesn’t Madison know that our president covered rapper Iggy Azalea’s song “Fancy” over the summer? That’s got to give him at least a little bit of street cred.

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