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Child star Alisan Porter opens up about her dark past

Beloved child star Alisan Porter revealed her dark past via her Lil’ Mamas blog on Thursday, where she made the confession that she is an alcoholic.

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Taking to her blog to admit to her addiction, the former Curly Sue star began her post with, “Hi, I’m Ali, and I’m an alcoholic.

“Yup, bet you didn’t see that one coming. Or, because you know that I’m a former child star, you totally did. Anyway, it’s the truth. I’ve been sober since Oct 28th, 2007 and I haven’t touched a drink or a drug since,” she added.

The star went on to explain that her life got to a pretty dark point and that was when she knew “it was enough for me to know that enough was enough.”

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“They can never understand that it’s not even really about a drink or a drug,” she continued. “In fact, it’s really not about substance at all. It’s about how you see people, how you treat yourself, how you feel about things, how you think people feel about you, what you could do, should do but don’t do. Your resentments, your lack of respect, your lack of power.”

Porter went on to describe her addiction and the moment that she knew that it was imperative that she sober up.

“I was living in NYC when I realized I needed to get sober. I was miserable and overwhelmed with life. I was heartbroken and realizing that what had always worked for me in the past was NOT working at all. Not even a little bit. I felt trapped, scared, and sad and I was ready to really go for broke or get better,” she wrote. “So, I did what every good user does and I prayed to a god I had never believed in… and then called my mom. Days later I was off to treatment, just like that. For the next four years I went to meetings, worked the steps, got a sponsor, found a god of my own understanding, prayed, meditated and basically grew up.”

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The former child star has now been sober for seven years, but she explained why she waited so long to make this news public knowledge.

“I’ve waited a long time to write about my sobriety: it’s a touchy subject,” Porter revealed to People magazine. “Also, you never know when you’re going to wake up and realize the disease won. I’ve been profoundly affected by so many losses of late and if I can help just one person, one former child actor or especially one mother, this will be worth it.”

You can read Porter’s full confession on her blog.

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